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Lauren and Nick are in a french magasine called Star Systeme. They cover their engagement.¬† Nothing new ūüôā



Thanks to JulieLalonde09 on twitter for the screencap ūüôā

Also Lauren post this picture of her at the gym! This girl work damn hard she is a great inspiration for us.




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New pictures

Here is 2 news pictures of the proposal  and 1 picture of the FABULOUS ring.





The original picture can be found in Picture section…


Thanks to @rachel2821 on twitter for the montage.


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Here is the article that confirm Nick tweet yesterday, their first interview about their engagment. How romantic it was ???



“Nick Carter¬†has found his fire, his one desire.

“I had the ring in my pocket for two weeks,” the Backstreet Boy tells PEOPLE exclusively of his engagement to fitness expert/actressLauren Kitt.

“I was like, ‘I don’t want it anymore!’ It was driving me insane. I just wanted to get it out of my hands and on to hers.”

For the momentous occasion, Carter, 33, took his fianc√©e, 29, to the Florida Keys where he planned a romantic boat ride to a secluded island ‚Äď but things did not go as smoothly as expected.

“My boat was in such bad condition because I hadn’t used it for, like, six years. It took me five days literally on my hands and knees, scraping up my body [to fix it,]” Carter says. “The engine wasn’t complete yet but we still decided to go out.”

Despite the engine stalling a few times as they set out to sea Wednesday, Carter and Kitt ‚Äď along with some close friends and Kitt’s father ‚Äď arrived at a small island Carter had spent time on as a child.

It was there, on the island the couple now refers to as “Engagement Island,” that the Backstreet Boy dropped to one knee and presented his girlfriend of over four years with a seven-carat diamond ring from XIV KARATS.

“She said, ‘Yes,’ and I’m, like, ‘I don’t know what to do,” Carter tells PEOPLE of the proposal. “She said, ‘You’re supposed to put it on my finger.’ So I did. I was in shock.”

The proposal came as a surprise to the bride-to-be as well.

“I wasn’t expecting it. It just felt very surreal,” explains Kitt. “We both are just so happy in love right now and on cloud nine.”

And while the couple is excited for their wedding, there are a few other people they must consult before planning their impending nuptials ‚Äď the band.

“Our first thought was, ‘We need to contact¬†the Backstreet Boys¬†and find out when their schedule will permit,'” Kitt says of wedding planning while the band works on a new album and prepares for their sold-out fan cruise in October to¬†celebrate their 20th anniversary.

“It’s not up to us. It’s up to the schedule. We’re just excited and looking forward to the next chapter of our lives.”


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New Pictures

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Lauren post some pictures on her Twitter/ Instagram .

Still no news about the WWE ! Hope we will hear something soon. Right now Lauren seems to be in Florida with her boyfriend , dad and friend.  The last two pictures are from there.

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New Pictures

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Sorry we have been hiatus for a long time but we didn’t have alot of new from Lauren lately. From what we can see on twitter she is still on a WWE Divas Camp. Wishing her goodluck ūüėČ


Here is some new pictures we have . The first one is from her WBFF competition in Dallas last October.




And now some picture from saturday for her boyfriend birthday in Las Vegas Tao Nightclub

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Article about Lauren

Could WWE be on the verge of signing their latest Diva?

Popular women’s wrestling¬†website Diva-Dirt¬†noted earlier today that WWE may be signing Lauren Kitt, long-term girlfriend of Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter, to a talent contract.

As the site notes, Carter took to his official Twitter account recently to claim that Kitt had the possibility of becoming a WWE Diva:

Ok¬†@Lauren_Kitt¬†just found out she MAY be a¬†@WWE¬†DIVA. Imagine YOUR GIRL putting the smack down in the ring! OMG i’m so excited! MAKE NOISE

He then added:

I will have to be at every @WWE show! So excited!! Lets let @WWE know about @Lauren_Kitt !!

As Diva-Dirt notes, the telegenic Kitt has a background in bodybuilding, even competing in the prestigious World Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation competition in her career.

WWE have signed women from the bodybuilding world before: Legendary Diva Trish Stratus was a fitness model before signing her WWE deal. Kaitlyn and Aksanaboth have experience in the fitness industry too.

The prospect of WWE signing Kitt is an interesting one. Her relationship with the famous Carter could garner any potential run she has some mainstream success, something WWE seems desperate for.

Her good looks will undoubtedly help in her in getting over with the crowd too.

No doubt many frustrated fans will roll their eyes at the prospect of WWE signing yet another inexperienced model/bodybuilder.

And certainly Aksana and¬†Kaitlyn haven’t exactly been¬†wowing audiences with their thrilling in-ring matches: Kaitlyn looks largely lost in there and the botch-prone¬†Aksana is far better off as a manager.

Of course, no one expected big things of Trish either when she debuted in 2000, and she ended up accomplishing a great deal in WWE, eventually¬†becoming one of the best female wrestlers the company has ever had. If wrestling has taught us anything, it’s that sometimes you just have to wait and see.


Source : // Thanks Nick for posting this on Twitter


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We don’t have much news about Lauren lately but we have 2 news pictures of her and friends from her time in Nashville for Thanksgiving

Thanks to Angel Carter and Corey Conrad for posting those pictures.

378830_4059589129646_1137802650_n 74237_4063779514403_1779802337_n


Btw we just want to clarify something, we are fans of Lauren , we are not Lauren ( obviously since we use ” we ” ) and we don’t know her personnaly .


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News November 20th

Here is the newest picture of Lauren from a photo shoot she did last week with Jeremy J Fraser ( jeremyjfraser on instagram )



Credit : JeremyJFraser ( instagram)
Lauren Kitt ( instagram )
Nick Carter ( Twitter )


Other new :

Nick post this tweet Sunday afternoon.

Ok¬†@Lauren_Kitt¬†just found out she MAY be a¬†@WWE¬†DIVA. Imagine YOUR GIRL putting the smack down in the ring! OMG i’m so excited! MAKE NOISE

Good Luck Lauren !!!!